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This site creature is under construction

Name: Tali

Pronouns: She/Kit/They

Hobbies: Programming, World Building, Writing, Drawing

Some sort of fox creature (most of the time)


Image is a placeholder...

  • Femboy turned Transfem
  • Very clearly a furry
  • Linux user :3
  • Overuses the :3 face in conversations
  • Undiagnosed ADHD and autism
  • Generates secure passwords using my autism powers


Name: Tali

Pronouns: She/Kit/They

Species: Fox

Currently the sona that I present as most of the time. She was the first girl sona that I regularly identified with and became my primary sona after my gender was transed.

Cute lil' foxgirl :3.

Name: Sylvie

Pronouns: She/They

Species: Wolf

Sona I have been presenting as on and off lately. Started as a girl version of my character Dorian. She was formed after I transed my gender.

Brave little wolfgirl :3. Cute and a bit sheepish.

There's more where that came from...

I've made a lot of sona concepts, but most of them are just a species, nothing more. More soon!


Characters for various projects. These are basically sonas too.

Name: Dorian

Pronouns: He/They

Species: Wolf

Universe: DotH

One of the earliest characters for my unfinished and unreleased Dreams of the Hunted project

Colors by Bitblocks, Lineart by Sixbane

There's more where that came from...

I have at least 20 distinct characters from Dreams of the Hunted alone, but Dorian is the only one I have drawn so far so.... More soon.